Progress of new dual track rail line in Hua Hin (Drone footage)

The construction of new dual track rail line is progressing successfully, and Youtube channel Mike’s Tropical Tech has recently uploaded a drone footage of the new dual rail line progress in Hua Hin. The video showcases the elevated sections of the rail line that goes through Hua Hin centre and passes next to historic Hua Hin train station.

Hua Hin Today reports, that the elevated track will eventually measure some 4 km and will include a new train station, while the trains will travel at around 160km/h. For passengers this means a much lower traveling time from Bangkok to Hua Hin of about 2-3 hours. Currently, the trip from Bangkok to Hua Hin takes between 5 to 6 hours and sometimes longer.

The whole infrastructure project includes 211 km of dual rail line, 40 U-turn bridges and 12 underpasses, which will eventually cost about 34 billion THB.

The new dual track rail line between Hua Hin and Bangkok is expected to be fully operational by 2023.