Is it a good time to visit Thailand during Covid times?

As the rest of the world, Thailand has also got affected with the second wave of Covid-19 virus, which lately got more under control in majority of provinces, making the domestic traveling much more relaxed. With current traveling restriction and mandatory quarantine, many are wondering if its worth it to visit Thailand at the moment?

For travelers who could only visit Thailand for a short-term holiday, it may not be the most convenient and cost-efficient idea, however for those wishing to stay for a longer term, now it may be a great opportunity to visit Thailand.

There are several reasons why visiting Thailand right now, may seem like a good idea. Firstly, the flights to Thailand got significantly cheaper due to impact of Covid 19, some as low as 12,000 THB for a return flight, while average price is about 16,000 THB.

Secondly, the variety of quarantine hotels got much wider and more affordable. Below, you can find the link to the full list of all the quarantine facilities under 40,000 THB, some starting at just 26,000 THB.

Cheapest Thailand ASQ Hotels (under 40K THB): https://thaiest.com/blog/cheapest-thailand-asq-hotels

Thirdly, many of the popular tourist destinations are very peaceful right now and not overcrowded with visitors. In other words, you get to enjoy the most beautiful places and beaches of Thailand, all by yourself.