Choices of foreign cuisine in Hua Hin, Thailand

foreign cuisine in hua hin

The foreign cuisine in Hua Hin is not only available, but highly present. Choices ranges from the seafood restaurants by the beach to fine dining. fast food, baked goods, real Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Mediterranean, French, Italian, and other European cuisines. Many expats who started food related businesses brought their native style of cooking and enhanced the overall choice of foreign cuisine in Hua Hin. Together with Thai dishes, you will never get bored with the variety of food in Hua Hin. Those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet can enjoy visiting organic farms, some of which have a restaurant and a café on site, such as Zaithong Organic Hydrofarm & Café.

There are plenty of upscale dining options available at hotels, resorts and specialty eateries serving top-quality food. Famous fast-food brands such as KFC, Burger King or McDonald’s, can be found around town center, shopping malls and generally popular areas of Hua Hin. Restaurants usually close around 10 pm. 7-Eleven as well as Family Marts are open 24/7. They can be found in every neighborhood.