5 Important things to watch out for when buying a property in Hua Hin, Thailand

When first inspecting the home, the buyers often tend to compare the selected property for sale in Hua Hin, to their wish list. In other words, the focus is on the layout, size of the indoor and outdoor area, overall condition of the property etc. However, some details may be overlooked when viewing the home for the first time. For that reason, it is advisable to conduct a deeper inspection before making a buying decision. Below, we listed 5 important things to look out for when buying a villa, condo or other property for sale in Hua Hin, Thailand.

1. Cracks in the wall

Small hairline cracks are usually nothing to worry about, however some larger cracks may indicate structural issues. Noticing a crack in the wall is expectedly not a pleasant feeling, but it should not scare you away. It is recommended to have a deeper look into the issue. It’s important to determine whether it’s an easy fix or a sign of a more serious problem. If it turns out that the issue is easy to resolve, you may use the cracks to bargain on the sales price of the property.

2. Water damage concealed by paint

If you notice a freshly repainted area, be aware of the leaks. In case the water damaged area has been concealed with paint, this could trap the moisture in the walls or ceilings. Also, pay close attention to the underside of the drawers and sinks in the kitchen and underneath the windowsills. These areas are most prone to water damage. Additionally, inspect the base of the bathtubs and toilets. If you see a sign of recent repairs, ask for more details on what was the issue and what kind of repair was done to it.

3. Uneven or bouncy floors

When inspecting a home, always bring a bubble/spirit level with you and check the floors in different areas of the property. Some houses and villas for sale may have fairly uneven floors, which are not noticeable at first sight. With newly built houses, this could be the cause of costly repairs in the future after the foundation has settled, depending on how much work has to be done and how big of an area has been affected.

Older houses and villas for sale in Hua Hin that had a chance to settle over time, might have slightly uneven floors which is natural and barely noticeable. The advantage of buying an older property is the ability to see the quality of the construction. In other words, if the foundation and overall structure are perfectly fine after some years, it is safe to say that the property was well built.

In fact, an older home where the foundation has settled may be safer than a new home where the earth has not yet had a chance to adjust.

Ask the previous homeowner or a property developer if they have done something to bolster up the foundation.

4. Beware of room fresheners and music

If the house you’re inspecting has been staged with scented candles or other similar products, it could be a sign of covering up a bad smell. Pay close attention to the areas of the house in which the scenting devices are located and inspect further. It could be a leaky pipe, clogged drains, mold, sewage, dog or pet pee etc. The same applies to music. Sure, the purpose of the music could be to enhance the viewing experience, however it could also be a cover up for regular noise.

5. Construction Permits

You should always compare the original master plan for which the construction permit has been issued, with the current state of the property. If there has been any additional construction or improvements, make sure to ask the owners for additional documentation that proves the legality of the structures. If some minor changes have been made that don’t require a construction permit, make sure you have it inspected for safety purposes. One of the main reasons why owners cut corners sometimes and don’t apply for the construction permit is due to cost, time and higher property taxes.