Wind Powered Water Sports on Khao Tao Beach

Khao Tao’s normally quiet and uncrowded sandy beach became alive on 8th – 10th March as the venue for the 2019 Thailand Kiteboard and Wind surfing Championships.

Hua Hin has long been a mecca for Thai and international enthusiast of these sports. The wide sandy beaches and the favorable and very reliable weather conditions, with winds nearly all year round, are two of the reasons why Hua Hin has the best wind surfing conditions in Thailand. Thai hospitality and an established infrastructure just add to that appeal.

The action of kite boarding is fast and furious and a great spectator opportunity. This will also be a chance to talk with the experts about learning the sport yourself with workshops and trial sessions available if you are looking for something wet and wild!

Hua Hin has accredited windsurfing schools for those who are so inclined. Although no longer an extreme sport, it’s important to learn with the right school so you enjoy yourself in a safe environment. The other good news is that these water sports are environmentally friendly with only wind and man power at work so no noise pollution from screaming jet skis or other marine engines to disturb the serenity of the Kho Tao beach; just an occasional tender or safety vessel on hand.

Another sport which will be seen at the Khao Tao event is SUP or stand up paddle boarding. This is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Thousands of people all ages join competitions, workouts or just social trips with friends. This provides a great workout, either in waves or gliding on flat water. A fitness class walking on water!

If the Thailand Championships has whet your appetite, on 13-18th March a follow-up experience could be at Pak Nam Pran Beach Pranburi where the Sports Authority of Thailand and the Kitesurfing Association of Thailand will be holding selection trials for the Youth Olympic Games.

Many tourism businesses will be participating in both of these events with food stalls, displays and evening concerts well past sundown.

The Prachuap Khiri Khan Governor Dr Panlop Singhaseni has suggested that Hua Hin could be elevated as a sporting destination with the promotion of more water based sporting activities to promote tourism.

The governor is eager to see more water sports, beach sports and sports on the seas especially sailing and regattas. Fishing competitions could also be considered.

As the previous vice governor of Phuket; Dr Panlop is well aware that Phuket is the province with the highest profile for water sports popular with foreigners. He would like Prachuap Khiri Khan to learn from that example. He believes that water sports which provide opportunities for participation in competition could enhance and promote tourism in the province and create the excitement. April, which is the summer of Thailand, presents the best opportunities for these activities.

The governor is looking for more cooperation between the private and public sectors to organise more activities, particularly sporting activities to reach that potential and to raise the profile of Hua Hin as a water sports city.

Smart Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

In Hua Hin’s property market, the number of new listings increases exponentially each month. What are your strategies to make your home stand out among many available properties for sale? How would you like to avoid being a seller who’s property is sitting on the market for months, or even worse, years? Check out the useful tips below to improve your chances of selling your property more effectively, for the price you desire.

Appearance of Your Home – First impression

The appearance of your property is the buyer’s first impression of what might be their new home, which is why it’s important to tidy up and stage your property. The first part to be taken care of is the front of your house or condo. Whether the potential buyer finds your property online or drives by it, their first thing they will encounter is the exterior of your home for sale. It is advisable to remove any weeds, clean the surfaces, trim the bushes and maybe even add a few plants or sculptural items, to enhance the appeal of the property. Additionally, have a look at your doors and windows. It is vital to have the glass cleaned and the frames repainted if necessary. Door handles could also be changed if they look worn out.

Clean up the interior of your property

When considering the purchase of a new home, buyers can be very picky and they have every right to be. After all this will be their new home – a place where they will feel safe, comfortable and raise their family or perhaps enjoy the hard earned retirement. Keep in mind that they will try to picture themselves living in this property, so it is vital to do a deep cleaning. Messy environment such as dirty floors, stained carpets or furniture, dirty kitchen cupboards, dust and so on, will only push the buyers away from the beginning. Little details such as broken socket covers, worn out door handles, and damages in the wall can be fixed fairly cheap, and add great value to your home.

Neutralize the space

After the property has been cleaned, it is time to remove all the unnecessary items and as much as personal belongings as possible. With minimalist look, the rooms look more spacious and the potential buyers find it easier to picture their ideas for the property. If the property feels to personalized and crowded with all sorts of things, the buyers will only see it as more work for them. In addition, packing most of the stuff will also save you time, and the buyers will be able to move in quicker.

Stage your home

Staging your home the right way can have a substantial impact on how quickly your home will sell. People in general buy the property that makes them feel the right way. Some slow background music and scented-candles can give a worm and relaxing atmosphere for instance. Dinning table could be set up with plates, cutlery and glasses with a fruit basket or a small vase. The most important parts of the house are kitchen and bathrooms. Some nice flowers and nicely folded towels enhance the feeling of cleanliness in toilets, while few cooking items like pasta, salt, pepper, olive oil could be placed around the kitchen area.

Price your property realistically

Everyone always seems to value their homes above the market price, which is understandable due to emotional attachment to it, however overpricing your property will keep you in the market for a longer time. If you really want a quick sale, you should be realistic and understand that you might have to lower you expectations. Compare your property with other similar homes in the area to see for how much they were sold for, and consult with a reputable real estate agent to get a professional opinion. In order to sell quicker, your property should be well positioned, meaning that you must identify your competition (other properties on the market) and then price your property accordingly to appear as better value for money in comparison to other properties on the market. In certain cases, lower prices can initiate a bidding war, causing the price of your home to go up. Although the bidding war is not guaranteed, there is more chance for it to happen when then price is lower.

Take great photos of your home

Majority of buyers nowadays search for their new property online, where images decide it all. Photos are the first thing that attracts the buyer to look at your property, so it is vital to post high-quality photos with a proper camera – not a phone. The most important factor is light. Make sure to have as much natural light as possible, and don’t forget to turn on the rest of the lights around the house, for enhanced brightness. It is important to mention that you should check all the light bulbs to be in the working order as the burned ones will show on the photo and distract the buyer in a negative way. Take photos from every angle to give a full perspective of your home. For those who want to go the extra mile, try to make a simple video, as it is a much more powerful tool then photos.

Write an attractive listing description

No matter how great your home is, it wont sell unless you present it properly by keeping the description simple yet informative. The right words give the buyer the clear idea of what to expect, so make sure to give all the vital information about your home and its surroundings. Important facts such as nearby places, schools, events etc., is what buyers need the most. They want to know about the property and the area beyond the basic information provided such as number of rooms, living area, land area. The potential buyers get more confidence in the property when they know what the area has to offer.

Choose the right, reputable agent

Thai real estate market is fairly unregulated, which means that you don’t need a license to be a real estate agent. Therefore, there are many ‘Facebook agents’ who do not have a professional knowledge or experience in the business nor the property market. Make your choices wisely! Ensure that your real estate agent has an office, registered company and is involved in Hua Hin’s real estate market for many years. That way it will be easier to ask around for agents reputations to ensure you hire the right person for the job. Do your homework, visit websites, and find out which agents know your community best. Your agent should have extensive knowledge of the real estate market, be honest and look after your interests, not his/hers commission.